Pallet Mole

The Pallet Mole™ is engineered for perfect synergy with Automated Guided Vehicles. Its advanced algorithms and design ensure seamless integration, promoting efficient warehousing operations and maximizing throughput.


Precision in Every Movement

With a focus on accuracy, the Pallet Mole™ ensures that every pallet is moved to its designated location with utmost precision. Its advanced sensors and controls guarantee that goods are stored and retrieved without errors.

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Crafted for Durability

The Pallet Mole™, like its Spacemaker counterpart, is built with high-grade materials, ensuring it withstands the rigors of daily operations in diverse warehousing environments. Trust in a machine designed for longevity.

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The Industry Titan

PalletMole Machine
PalletMole Machine

The Pallet Mole™ is versatile, accommodating a range of pallet sizes. Whether you have standard-sized pallets or unique specifications, it adjusts seamlessly, ensuring optimal space utilization and efficient operations.

Next-Level Operational Efficiency


Built for Extreme Climates

From freezing colds of -40° C to the scorching heats of 50° C, the Pallet Mole™ operates efficiently across a vast temperature range, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted regardless of external conditions.

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Consistent Performance Round the Clock

The Pallet Mole™ boasts a 40% rated duty cycle, allowing for 60 seconds of continuous ON time and a 90-second OFF time. This balance ensures longevity and peak performance throughout its operation.

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The Pallet Mole is not just a product; it's a legacy. With an exclusive partnership with Frazier racking, it has set the gold standard in high-density storage solutions. Tradition meets Innovation.

North American Distribution

Frazier Industrial Company, the largest racking company in North America, is the exclusive North American distribution partner for the Spacemaker Pallet Mole™.

Comprehensive Breakdown of our High-Performance Unit Specs

Custom Crafted

Pallet Size Range

Adaptable to various pallet sizes ranging from 40 x 48 in to 96 x 40 in.

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Operating Conditions

Performs robustly from -40° C to 50° C, with humidity tolerance between 10% - 90%.

Custom Crafted


Efficient and flexible charger, with 29 DC / 14.5 DC output and a universal power supply compatibility (100 – 240 AC).

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Powered by Lithium Ion batteries (1-2), with a fast charging time of just 3 hours.

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Wireless Comms

Highly efficient AC Controller for variable speed control, handling loads up to 1,500 Kg with ease. Ambient speed: 245ft/min (empty), 215ft/min (with load).

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Power Unit

Highly efficient AC Controller for variable speed control, handling loads up to 1,500 Kg with ease. Ambient speed: 245ft/min (empty), 215ft/min (with load).

We offer advanced features.

Pallet Count System

Easily tally up pallets in storage lanes using our Pallet Count function. Just position the Unit, select “Stock Count” on the RF Controller, and receive an accurate count instantly.

Unit Recovery Mode

In case a Unit gets stuck, effortlessly retrieve it by dispatching a second recovery Unit into the lane, eradicating the need for personnel to enter potentially hazardous areas.

Manual Input

Our Unit allows for manual input in the event where the user wants to direct it manually to go to a location or perform a task.

Pallet Shuffle

Make the most of your storage space with our Pallet Shuffle feature. When pallets are removed, activate Pallet Shuffle to auto-shift the remaining pallets forward, freeing up space at the inbound side.

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