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Warehouse Automation

High-Density Storage

We specialize in internationally acclaimed warehouse technologies to boost your storage capacity, increase your daily throughput and offer extensive tracbility on your product. Store smarter with SpaceMaker.

Modern Solutions

We offer modern warehouse solutions to optimize pallet storage and maximize warehouse throughput.

Get Started with Automation

Pallet Mole™

Automated pallet handling

Rugged machine design

Freezer warehouses (-22°F)

High humidity environments

Smart device enabled

No hydraulic elements

Take the Step to Full Automation


Pallet Mole™ evolution

Fully automated pallet handling

Freezer warehouses (-22°F)

High humidity environments

Simple software integration

No hydraulic elements

Explore our Capabilities and Offerings

Our Services

Custom machine design

Complete system integration

Machine training services

Warehouse optimization

Spare parts store

24/7 support services

About Us

Automation is in the Family

SpaceMaker, Inc. is one of the companies that forms part of a larger international Group of companies knowns as The SpaceMaker Group. We specialize in automated warehousing and warehouse robotics. Our company has been focusing on the warehousing niche for over two decades. In that time, we have established ourself as a highly reputable B2B based entity.

Trust our Team

To Keep Your Machines Running Smoothly

We have a team of well-trained technicians and engineers that help keep your warehouse always operational. Whether it is installing and commissioning brand new machinery or fixing the machines because your fork truck operator "found it like that". We have got you covered. 

Putting US First


Active States


Automated warehouse clients


Pallet Moles hard working everyday


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