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Drive operational excellence with fleet management software tailored for precision, efficiency and growth.

Multi Gateway Mesh™

The MGM™ system enhances traditional RF networking with faster speeds, better connectivity, and seamless integration into modern warehouses, reducing congestion and ensuring stable operations through advanced gateways and a web-based interface.


Benefits of Upgrading to MGM™


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Faster Operations

Boosts efficiency with enhanced data speeds.

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Reliable Connectivity

Ensures stable network performance.

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Current Tech Fit

Compatible with modern systems.

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Easily expandable with additional gateways.

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Browser-Based Interface

Accessible on any browser-equipped device.

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Smooth Integration

Avoids Wi-Fi congestion, preserving bandwidth.

Technical SpecS

Technical Specifications

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RF Range

902-928 MHz for optimal range/data balance with enhanced security.

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Network Setup

Flexible, supports multiple Wi-Fi networks and gateway positions.

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Server PC

Requires Intel i5/Ryzen 5, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD.

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Utilizes Power over Ethernet for gateways, eliminating the need for power cables.

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Simplified with minimal hardware needs.

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Remote Support

Supports VPN or virtual desktops for updates and support.

Custom Software Solutions

Optimize your warehouse with custom software that offers seamless integration, real-time analytics, and scalable support. Spacemaker delivers tailored efficiency and management, built on innovative MGM architecture.

Our Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke solutions

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Seamless Integration

Smoothly connects with current systems for hassle-free transitions.

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Real-Time Insights

Advanced monitoring for informed decision-making.

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Reduces manual tasks, boosting operational efficiency.

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Intuitive Design

Easy-to-use interface for simplified operation and training.

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Tackles specific challenges for better overall performance.

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Grows with your business, ensuring a continuous fit.

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Dedicated   Support

Ongoing assistance and updates for peak performance.

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Collaborative Development

Tailored solutions created in partnership with clients.

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Other Software Services

Custom Interfaces

Tailored protocols for seamless integration.

Expert Engineering

From R&D to full-stack development.

Personalized UI

Designs that meet your exact needs.

Turnkey Solutions

Comprehensive electrical and mechanical expertise.

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