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Based in the sunshine state of Florida, USA, we take pride in our American heritage. Our team embodies the spirit of hard work and determination, striving for excellence in every endeavor.

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Driving Innovation in High-Density Storage

From our home base in Orlando, Spacemaker Systems reinvents how spaces are utilized, optimizing warehouses, distribution centers, and cold rooms around the world. With over 40 installations globally of our premier solutions, including Spacemaker™ and Pallet Mole™, we’re not just improving storage - we're redefining it.

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Our Core Focus

Spacemaker Systems Inc. is primarily dedicated to designing, sourcing, and installing space-saving solutions tailored to the unique requirements of industrial clients, including warehouses, distribution centers, cold rooms, and 3PLs. Our expertise lies in creating high-density storage environments using top-tier pallet racking and automated storage systems, guaranteeing operational efficiency and reliability.

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Spacemaker Systems is more than a company; it's a vision. From our inception, we've been laser-focused on redefining warehousing, ensuring that we not only meet but consistently exceed industry standards.

Key Elements of Our Success

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Our Philosophy

Excellence in every solution, setting industry benchmarks.

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Trusted Worldwide

70+ installations around the world, a testament to our global trust.

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Pushing Boundaries

Hardware and software for our vision of redefining warehousing.

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About our Team

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Dedicated Professionals

Our team believes in continuous learning, innovation, and pushing boundaries. Their expertise and relentless drive are the bedrock of Spacemaker's success.

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Innovators at Heart

Every member of our team is an innovator, always looking ahead, anticipating industry trends, and ensuring that our solutions keep our clients ahead of the curve.

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Break storage Barriers

Redefine Storage Excellence

Let's venture into the realm of unbounded storage capacity. Explore our Products or Start a conversation with us and let's redefine what's possible in your warehouse.