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The Full Cycle

Whether you're not comfortable with warehouse design, or you're not sure who will be maintaining and supporting you in the future, think SpaceMaker Systems, Inc. 

Book a Service

Just like vehicles, machines have predicted maintenance intervals. Book a service with us to get the machine serviced correctly and according to the manufacturers specifications. 


Buy Parts

Great Machines That Are Easy To Fix

Most of our customers have enough confidence to repair elements of the machines themselves. This is particularly useful if you have a fast and furious fleet of forktruck drivers. We can sell you parts for easily replaceable and/or wearable items of the machines. Let us know what happened and what you're looking for. We'll get the part you need.


If you're sitting there and thinking "this is really great but won't work for us", well you're wrong. We can engineer it to work. We have custom machines moving custom pallets in custom places. 

Engineering Services

Feel comfortable with the big decisions 

Committing to a type of warehouse technology is a big decision. We're here to guide you through that process with detailed designs, renders, drawings and simulations. Our software guys will even talk to your software guys. Trust our team to take care of the details.

Robot Support

Is the machine doing that thing again? We know the one. Our team of technicians are a phone call away to support your operators and managers with the machines on the warehouse floor. 

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