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Pallet Mole™

The worldwide flagship robot for achieving deep-lane pallet storage in a truly reliable manner. 

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Attributes & Features

The Pallet Mole™ is not like its competitors. It has a few well-engineered features that seperate it from the vast selection of pallet warehouse machinery.

AC Motors

Special low-voltage 3-phase AC motors are used to provide high torque when it's needed most.

Lithium Batteries

High energy-density Lithium battery technology lasts a full shift (in the freezer or outside).

Absolutely Flat

The flat lifting platform allows weaker and broken pallets to be handled without breakages.

Mesh Radio

Low frequency RF mesh networks allow for seamless communication in the racking.


Thanks to powerful e-magnets, the Pallet Mole™ never slides off of the forks.


The machine employs regenerative braking as to not waste a drop of energy.

Smart Devices 

Unlock the Full Potential of the Machine

The standard Pallet Mole™ is equipped with a robust low-frequency mesh radio. However, we have realised that smart devices empower people so we brought that functionality to the Pallet Mole™. Our smart interface makes use of an easy-to-use web driven experience. It's so easy that anybody with a smartphone can use it.


20 Years Later

Resulting in an Optimized Machine

With 20 years of experience in deep-lane storage, the Pallet Mole™ is way ahead of the competition. The problems our competitors are experiencing we ran into 5-10 years ago. Put your trust in the machine that's been driving the deep-lane pallet storage industry for the past 2 decades.

Who's Using It?

Check out a few of the companies using Pallet Mole™ units every single day.

AGV Integration

Take the Step to Full Automation

The warehousing market has demanded full-automation and we have a solution for that. The Pallet Mole™ is fully capable of integrating with self-driving vehicles (SDVs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), self-driving cars (SDVs), and other unmanned machinery. It's the kind of machine you want to introduce your robots to.



For more precise details, have a look at the machine specifications.




33.66 in

855 mm



54.06 in

1373 mm



8.35 in

212 mm



565.5 lbs

256.5 kg


Power Supply



Power Source



Battery Type



Nominal Voltage


24 V

Battery Capacity


70 Ah

1680 Wh

Battery Lifespan


3000 - 3500 cycles

Machine CPU


Mobile Machine PLC

CPU Programming


Codesys, IEC 61131-3

Machine Communication


Proprietary RF Mesh Network

Radio Frequency Range


902 - 928 MHz


Travel Mechanism



Travel Motor


0.738 hp

550 W

Travel Motor Type


AC Induction Motor

Lilfting Mechanism



Lifting Motor


0.738 hp

550 W

Lifting Motor Type


AC Induction Motor


Max Load Weight


3306 lbs

1500 kgs

Max Speed [Empty]


4.9 ft/s

1.5 m/s

Max Speed [loaded]


3.3 ft/s

1.0 m/s

Typical Throughput Capacity


30 pallets/hour

Typical Battery Daily Lifespan


6-7 hours

Typical Service Interval


300 hours


Standards and Compliance


UL 1740

Chassis Finish


Powder Coating

Lifting Platform Finish


Stainless Steel

Learn More

There's always more to learn about the Pallet Mole™. Get in touch and we can arrange for you to go see a Pallet Mole™ in action. It's quite an experience.

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