Pallet Mole Storage Retrieval System

Pallet Mole Racking

"For The Most Cost Effective & Efficient Use Of Warehouse Space."

The Pallet Mole simplifies pallet racking & pallet storage.

Pallet MoleSpaceMaker Systems recently launched our 3rd Generation; UL approved Pallet Mole in the USA. The UL certification was done by Intertek Labs, according to UL 1740/82 standards for industrial robots. This makes Pallet Mole the only pallet retrieval system in the USA and Canada that is UL certified. There are 3 basic models, i.e.:

  • 40 x 48" (USA/GPMC)
  • 48 x 40" (Standard)
  • 48 x 60" (Jumbo)

All 3 models have high-speed (246 fpm) options and can be ordered for either ambient or freezer conditions. Pallet Mole’s pallet count function is unique to Pallet Mole and has been patented worldwide.

The Pallet Mole has received a lot of interest since its launch at ProMat 2011 in the USA. It has already been remarkably successful in Europe and is currently being used in more than 40 installations in 14 countries worldwide. The Pallet Mole is an attractive deep lane storage system that offers many advantages over traditional drive-in racking and pallet flow racking. It can be used in both FIFO and LIFO systems and can achieve pallet turns of 20 – 30 per hour. It is highly recommended for high pallet count/low SKU environments.

With the latest technology in compact, high density vertical storage, the Pallet Mole maximizes the use of floor area and warehouse capacity. Often production facilities need to store pallets of goods in the most compact way possible. The goal is usually to maximize the use of floor space; and in the case of cold pallet storage, the more compact the goods are stacked, the better the efficiency and ease of temperature control. SpaceMaker is an innovative, new, high density storage system to meet these pallet storage demands. Pallet Mole, enables “aisle free” pallet racking to provide a much higher density of storage than Adjustable Pallet racking, double deep storage and conventional VNA storage.

How the Pallet Mole works

Powered by on-board rechargeable batteries, the Pallet Mole is driven on rails, into a specially designed pallet racking system of tunnels. Using the lifting platform and positioning sensors, each load is then transported to the furthest available storage location in the tunnel. Pallet storage and retrieval are both conveniently operated by the forklift truck driver using a remote control.

Advantages for pallet racking/pallet storage

  • Very low cost per pallet stored compared to other high density storage methods.
  • Batch FIFO or LIFO operation possible.
  • Less product damage.
  • More SKU’s can be stored compared to Block Stack storage.
  • Planning flexibility: the Pallet Mole can be configured to handle a variety of sizes and types of loads whilst also having the ability to store different types of goods on different levels and in different tunnels.

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