Hanel Automated Storage Systems

Hanel Automated Warehouse Storage and Retrieval Systems

  • The Ultimate Space Saver for hand picking
  • Automatic Computer Interfaces
  • High Security and controlled environment
  • Variable shelf heights to suit input items

SpaceMaker are the official agents for Hanel Storage Systems in South Africa. We provide the following Hanel warehouse storage solutions:

Hanel Rotomat Storage > Vertical Carousel technology

Each Hanel Rotomat is designed according to the tried-and-tested Ferris wheel principle (vertical carousels), i.e. the goods are brought to the operator and not vice versa.

This saves time The compact construction allows 60% or more storage to be accommodated on minimal floor space by making use of the available room height - increased warehouse storage space.


  • Optimum utilization of floor space. Upward mobility takes on a new meaning.
  • The Rotomat is flexible.  Units can stretch over several floors.
  • Reduce cycle times by bringing goods to the user, saves ones personnel costs.
  • High-performance control unit ensure that the Rotomat can be put to use flexibly and on individual basis.
  • Parts or files are brought to the ergonomically positioned retrieval point at a touch of a button.
  • Safety is paramount.  No climbing ladders: no danger for accidents.
  • Protects all documents and parts from dust, light and unauthorized access.

Hanel Lean-Lift Storage > Vertical Lift technology

The automated "high-buy warehouse in a cabinet"

The lean lift from Hanel is both storage efficient and secure: at the center of the 'cabinet' is a computerized lift - called the 'extractor'. In front and behind it are the storage shelves, where the articles are stored in containers. The storage locations are accessed via electronic control, which stores or retrieves the container on request and presents the goods to the picker at the optimum ergonomic height.


  • Over 60% more storage capacity for warehouse storage
  • Fast storage and retrieval time
  • Optimum storage capacity, due to height-optimized storage
  • Storage and handling of bulky and heavy parts
  • Load-carrying capacity per container up to 1,000 kg
  • Load-carrying capacity per Lean-lift up to 50,000 kg (tested statics)
  • Material to operator, not operator to materials: this saves time
  • Built in Security
  • High efficiency and cost saving
  • Storage of dissimilar sized items

For more information please visit Hanel's website www.hanelworldwide.com


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